Use of the Club Multi Purpose Hall for Badminton

Badminton Subcommittee: Mr. Desmond Cho (Convenor), Mr. Alfred Lo, Mr. Chow Sau On, Ms. Rachael Poon

Multi-Purpose Hall is opened daily from 0900 to 2300 and can be used for badminton activities and special functions.

Booking one month in advance.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays:    9AM – 12NOON

(If these sessions are not booked, the hours will revert for Multi-Purpose Hall usage, and can also be booked by members for badminton. Badminton Rules and Charges will apply.)

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 1PM – 6PM

Hourly booking of the Badminton Court can be made by members 3 days in advance. Walk In booking can be made if the court is available. Booking of the court starts on the hour. Each member may only book the court for 2 consecutive hours in a day.

The following booking fees apply:

Court Fee: $40 per hour

Guest Fee Adults: $50 per visit

Bookings may be made by telephone or in person.

Cancellation must be made 24 hours before the start of the booked session and the full court fee will be charged if not done so.

Tuesday Sessions                               9AM – 1PM

Monday to Friday                                5PM – 11PM

Wednesdays                                       6PM – 11PM

Charges:  Members         $10.00 each per session

Guest               $50.00 guest fee plus $10.00 per session.

All players must register and sign in before commencing to play. Players must not play before they sign in. The current Badminton Section Rules and Regulations apply.

All other hours will be for Multi Purpose Hall Use and if available may be booked for Badminton. The Badminton net will be set up according to the designated sessions and confirmed bookings.