A. E. Rodrigues


A. E. Rodrigues (Convener)
Donald Abraham
Leo Lau
Thomas Tsang
Edwin Szeto
Vivian Szeto
C. K. Law
Michael Yik
Benjamin Hsu
M. H. Cheung
Catherine Ng
Asuncion Payne
Simon Hui
Simon Chan
Doreen Pao
Martin Gordon
Ivy Wong
Alan Tsang
Timothy Shum
Liana Lee
Rocky Tam
Rita Tsui
Ashley Lung Ka Cheung

Opening Hours: 0900 – 2345



$40 per day table charge


$40 Weekdays
$70 Weekends and Public Holiday

  • Every Wednesday (except festivals)
  • 2:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Maximum 20 tables
  • Open to members of the public (Recreio Members have priority)
  • Pre-registration is essential
  • For inquiry and first time registration, send email to Thomas Tsang
  • Fee: member @HK$40; guest @HK$60
  • The Club has a zero tolerance policy towards rudeness.
  • Players should be seated five minutes before play is scheduled to start.  The Director may exclude late arrivals from play.
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode and is not allowed to use in the card-room.
  • Seating is determined by random draws.  Players must abide by the result of their draws.  There are two situations where seating assignment is made in advance without going through the random draw: (a) where functionally required (e.g. director, time-keeper, fee collector etc will take fixed positions, i.e. NS)  (b) elderly players (aged 80 and above) are allowed the courtesy of requesting NS seating in advance, if they so wish.  Under no other circumstances should players seek exemption from the random draw procedure.
  • Players must enter their ID to the BridgeTab in the first round.  
  • Pairs participating are not allowed to have any substitution at anytime unless authorized by the Director. Once registered at the pay booth, such pair must remain playing thru-out.  
  • North/South positions are responsible for entering of scores.  East/West are required to check if scores entered are correct.
  • Boards playing are not allowed to be moved and should remain in the correct position on the table at all times until finished.  Once replaced in the correct box, players shall not remove the cards for any reason.
  • The Director must be called as soon as attention is drawn to an irregularity.
  • Slow play is selfish play and will be penalised.