Club de Recreio celebrated its centenary anniversary in 2006. The Club was first developed as a recreation centre for the Portuguese community and was later expanded to be a sports club with teams of both genders taking part in competitions organized by the various national sports associations. With changes of economic, social and political environment in Hong Kong, the Club began to open up its membership to people of all nationalities in 1968. Nowadays the Club has evolved into a multinational sports club with a strong sense of fraternity among members of different ethnic origins.

Because of the long history of the Club, the Club house has been declared by the Antiquities and Monument Office of the SAR Government as a Grade 3 heritage building.


Mission Statement


To promote sports and pastimes and in particular social intercourse among its Members.
To promote and hold, either alone or jointly with any other association, club, or persons, sports meetings, competitions and matches, and to offer, give or contribute towards prizes, medals.
and awards, and to promote, give or support dinners, balls, concerts and other entertainments.